CNC machining

CNC refers to cutting material with a computer numerical control machine. The CNC machining process interprets your 3D CAD model and translates data to CNC machines. The main benefit of the process is that CNC will produce parts that can replace the additive manufactured prototypes with true production grade materials. This method allows you to build your parts in the featured material that you intend for use in production. CNC machining is the best choice for rapid prototyping of high-quality metal and plastic parts requiring the greatest degree of dimensional accuracy, critical surface finishes, material-specific properties.

Whether for rapid prototypes or production parts, we have the right CNC machining options for your metal and plastic part needs.

Our team has ample experience using CNC technology and secondary processes to fabricate quality custom-machined parts for businesses, engineers, inventors and hobbyists.

We Specialize in:
Flat work, five axis work, contouring, drilling, taping, thread milling to name a few.

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Sample CNC machined parts

Non-metal processing part of the case

Copper processing

Carbon steel processing

Aluminum parts milling

Stainless steel, carbon steel (iron) processing

Carbon steel (iron) black oxide