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Tell us a little about your project’s budget and expected delivery time. We will strategize with you to provide the most cost-effective services to help you reach your target. Meanwhile, If possible, Tell us about the purpose of the project, Our engineer will advise you reasonable manufacturing solutions to meet your demand. Welcome to Contact our ( directly for your project.

  1. Upload project CAD files

  2. Parts Files format Accepted:  stp, step, iges, x_t , dxf, pdf, please note the unit in model (cm,mm or inch)

  3. Parts Material Metal, Plastic,.Etc, Or Our R&D advise a suitable material according to your parts application.

  4. Part Surface Treatment Blank, Painting, Powder coating, Plating.

  5. Parts Quality Requirement Tolerance range, Material Hardness, Parts raw Material SGS testing Report, Rohs Declaration.etc.

  6. Expected Lead Time How many days would you like to get the parts?

  7. Parts Packaging Qequests

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